Who Are House of Virtual?

Who Are House of Virtual?

The House of Virtual Story

Krystelle Williams

At House of Virtual, Krystelle, the virtual assistant, keeps us organised. She is vital to the whole operation because she takes care of the things I wouldn’t even consider. Krystelle made a career of being an asset to every firm she has worked in regardless of her job role.

– D. Williams

David Williams

Creative, ambitious and calm. These three words describe David in a nutshell. David is naturally proactive and always maintains a calm atmosphere, continuously working on our clients’ projects and behind the scenes of our business. His innovative ideas bring on his ambition to succeed for our business and our clients’ needs.

– K. Williams

The House of Virtual

We are here to help, and that’s why we formed a business. Firms are still adjusting to the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Having your business online went from important to imperative. Working from home was a ‘nice to have’ perk, which became a way of life for most of us.

Our collective experience makes us uniquely positioned to assist SMEs and individuals to thrive in this new world.

– House of Virtual

The Virtual Household

Our remote support is comprehensive whether you're looking for a help with the administration of your business or help to promote it.

Krystelle Williams

Virtual Assistant

David Williams

Digital Creator

Thinking About Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

Thinking About Hiring a Digital Creator?