Digital Creator

My Dad was a computer programmer, so I was lucky to be able to develop an interest in computers before most people my age. When the digital revolution happened, it was an easy transition for me. I love that I can now take the numerous skills I've learnt throughout my career and apply them to my own business. I thrive on helping people to realise their visions. Nothing makes me happier than aiding a client to take a side hustle and make it into a business that can support them.

David Williams

DIGITAL CREATOR and Co founder

A confident Digital Creator. With a passion for online marketing because of the of the ways it can empower small and medium-sized businesses to take on industry giants.


B.A. (Marketing & Business Studies)

Certified Digital Marketing Professional


5 Years 


Gymhouse, Smoke City Records, The Dove Partnership, Fergie Music Raw


January 2021

How It Started

I graduated in 2006 with a Bachelors in Marketing and Business Studies. Keen to join the work force, I went to work for NatWest Bank as a Customer Service Advisor. Working in a bank allowed me to learn the fundamentals of administration and customer services. Due to my time in banking I had a foundation for the way I carried myself with all of my job roles moving forward.

After a year, I made a change by working as an Expeditor within the Aerospace industry. I Negotiated with clients over the delivery of airline parts. This role taught me the importance of maintaining and building relationships. As I loved my role, my enthusiasm and hard work earned me a promotion as a Buyer. In my new role, I purchased aeroplane parts on behalf of airlines and aerospace facilities. I enjoyed what I did so much, I convinced my company to place me on the ‘Certified Institute of Purchasing’ course. My goal was to progress my career.

Sadly, following the economic downturn of 2008, I was made redundant. After keeping myself afloat in various temporary roles, I decided to retrain in new expertise.

I took courses in IT Technical Support, Web Development and Marketing. Having these new skills inspired me to build websites for friends and family with great customer satisfaction obtained. Of course, with the advances in digital technology, the discipline of marketing had moved on considerably since I studied my degree. In order to familiarise myself with the digital world of marketing, I started searching for courses.

After completing my ‘Certified Digital Marketing Professional’ diploma awarded by the ‘Digital Marketing Institute’, I secured a position as a Marketing Executive for a recruitment company. As the only Marketer in the firm, I had creative freedom and great learning opportunities.

Since being furloughed following the 2020 pandemic, the company kept me on the payroll for as long as possible. However, in July of that year, I was made redundant. Although I was sad to leave, I took it as an opportunity to use the skills I had learned over the last five years to become a business owner alongside my wife Krystelle.

How It's Going

I am now able to support myself and my family by doing the things I enjoy, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity we made for ourselves.

What I do

Web Design

A website is more than just a sign to tell your customers you are open for business or a checkout register. It's often a consumers' first impression or your business. Building websites, I take it as a chance to translate your brands' personality, originality and competence.

Social Media

I help businesses get the most out of their social media by coaching them to interact and engage their audience. I create strategies to enable them to grow. I also create unique content, which helps them to stand out from the competition.

Search Optimisation

From websites to social media to content, it is all informed by search engine optimisation. This approach makes certain that your brand is distinctive and visible online.


Years of Experience

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