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The project

Nandi Nicole Ltd was founded in 2020. It’s aim is to break through to the textured hair and deep skin toned communities within the UK. Stocking clean and toxic-free hair and beauty products, all sold online and shipped nationally. Ashley Broderick initially required the support of a Virtual Assistant in the lead up to the launch event for setting up the office and establishing the day to day business operations. This opportunity then led the way to work alongside Ashley at ‘Curly Treats’ – an event for the UKs natural hair community in 2021.


  • Arrange van removal service, to move all stock from the storage unit. Leading onto building and stocking all shelves with new products, by brands.
  • Prepare for Nandi Nicole’s launch event, supplying private shoppers with goodie bags, sweet treats and on-demand packed orders.
  • Set up for the growth of business operations and appearances
  • Online engagement with potential and existing customers of Nandi Nicole, packing orders for ready to dispatch and customer enquiries
  • Organise van removal services for the sole purpose of moving products back and forth for Curly Treats, setting up shelving and stock, with face to face customer engagement and sales.


Many tasks loom over the Directors head, without much time for themselves. I was able to give time back by taking on the below tasks for Nandi Nicole Ltd:
  1. Creation and set up of Royal Mail dispatch and collection services, along with suitable stationary for this service. 
  2.  Sourcing quotes through to installation and deliveries, being the main point of contact for:
    • Office Printers
    • Rental iPads for Event Use
    • Removal Van Services
    • Packing Materials
    • Office Door Frosting
    • Roller Banner Designs
  3. Set up Nandi Nicole Pinterest business account, keyword research, reviewing analytics and with regular pin creation uploads
  4. Regularly, unpack new stock deliveries, update inventory & source new stock images and description
  5. Communicate with potential press contacts for PR releases

The Results

  1. Increased presence in the UK afro/textured hair and deep skin tone beauty space
  2. Clear, efficient, practical and effective processes for trading established
  3. Office up and running and currently processing orders
A solid business relationship between Nandi Nicole and House of Virtual continues to grow successfully.



At the Curly Treats Open Air Festival


House of Virtual has proved to be an incredible asset in preparing for the company’s launch. From the start, Krystelle paid well attention to the overall goals at hand, and didn’t shy away from setting out micro-tasks towards achieving those goals. It was a team of one at first when hiring House of Virtual, so when she leaned in and exuded organisation whilst under the kind of pressure, I realised she embraced her work like a true team member. Her self-starter effort and energy towards the company remained consistent throughout. She communicated well, was prompt with her deliverables and intentional with her use of time. Hiring House of Virtual was both a relief and a godsend.


Ashley N. Broderick
Founder | Nandi Nicole

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