Smoke City Records

The project

The goal of Smoke City Records is to offer a new take to an old business model. Where a traditional record label would sign a musician to a contract where they recuperate payment for services from future earnings. Smoke City offers the services of a record company on a monthly payment basis. The aim is to make musician services affordable, accessible and performance-based.


  1. Deliver a modern, attractive and artistic design 
  2. Provide an eCommerce platform that can manage subscription payments and auto-renewals
  3. Provide links for various ways that customers can consume featured music
  4. Integration of eCommerce with social media to facilitate social media promotion
  5. Logo design
  6. Creation of visual elements
  7. Videography


As I was working with artists, I had the benefit of using already available, rich visual content. 


I augmented artwork artists currently had available from press releases, album art and social media to create a modern, image-rich site layout. 


I used clips from various music videos shot by the group to design the main landing pages.


Using a music player plugin, I upload cut snippets of featured tracks and uploaded them to the website. I then added links to Spotify, iTunes and other popular stores and streaming services. I then posted the players on the website a labelled all of the artists’ music. 


Using the Woocommerce plugin and some additional subscription management plugins, I set up a web store which hosts several services available for purchase on a one-off and subscription basis.  

Let us take the difficult part out of your hands