The Dove Partnership SEO

The project

The Dove Partnership is a recruitment agency located In Bishop’s Stortford, a small town in the east of Hertfordshire, bordering the west of Essex. Following a mismanaged website redesign, the migration caused a decline in rank and a loss of several keywords. Google also ranked pages with broken URLs


Recover the Dove Partnerships SEO position by ranking as many of the sites pages with as many relevant keywords as possible.

The Challenges

After an SEO audit, I confirmed the following challenges:

The Location

The Dove Partnership borders on two large Counties and promotes a majority of low skill jobs. The Dove partnerships location makes optimising for all Hertfordshire and Essex impractical as people aren’t prepared to travel long distances for lower wages.
Optimising Searches for the smaller towns within Hertfordshire and Essex meant optimising for low search volumes.

The Competition

The Dove Partnership is a famous agency in the area; it built its reputation since its founding in 2001. However, there are six other Agencies in the area; two of which had a strong online presence and were directly competing for some of the same keywords as The Dove Partnership.

Similar Job Vacancies

As a recruitment company specialising in office-related job roles, The Dove Partnership frequently promote similar and sometimes identical positions. Identical and similar copy caused a big problem with ‘keyword cannibalisation’, (one or more pages focused on the same keyword).

The 'Search Jobs Page'

The Dove Partnership posted all of their jobs on a single page. Admin and warehouse roles across Hertfordshire and Essex were all on the same page. Various positions advertised on one page made it harder to optimise for specific job roles in particular locations.


The website had many issues holding back SEO
  1. The website load time
  2. Missing Title tags – Duplicate URLs
  3. Broken sitelinks
  4. Duplicate page titles
  5. Images served in HTTP instead of HTTPS
  6. Missing alt tags on images
  7. Missing Meta Descriptions

On-page SEO

The content on the website had the following problems:
  1. Duplicate content
  2. Duplicate headers
  3. Poor header tag convention
  4. Desktop and mobile layout 



Following my keyword research, I decided to target long-tail keywords specific to specific job fields and their location. Although the search traffic for these key phrases would be lower, The website would avoid irrelevant traffic which would harm page ranking. Using Google My Business, I updated the company details.

The Competition

After examining the competition, I looked at their keywords and selected the ones which produced the highest traffic and incorporated them into my content strategy.

Similar Job Vacancies

To avoid duplicate and similar copy, I worked with the recruitment consultants to make them aware of the adverse effects of duplicate content had on page rank. I produced a guideline for SEO best practices and a separate guide for writing job descriptions, which included a list of synonyms for the most popular job roles.

The Job search page

I created a page for each job role and a page for each location. People searching for jobs in finance could now find all of the relevant vacancies on one page. People looking for positions in Dunmow could now see all the vacancies available. As a result, our page ranking for our most popular job roles ‘admin’ and our most popular locations climbed up in ranking.


To address the websites speed problems, I resized images, renamed them and re-uploaded them; this also solved the HTTP problems. I then minified the CSS and JavaScript. Lastly, I added a cache plugin to prevent unnecessary loading.
I changed all of the duplicate URLs and page titles, added alt tags to all images and added meta descriptions to all pages.

On-page SEO

Using my knowledge of HTML and CSS, I changed the layout of the website on desktop tablet and mobile to make it more eye-catching. I re-wrote the content for the entire website. Using the Yoast Plugin, I targeted each page to specific key phrases as per my keyword strategy and optimised all of the copy. I was careful to make the content readable to both The Dove Partnerships customers and the Google search algorithm. Finally, I added a convention for Headers on each webpage.

Site Maps

After setting up webmaster tools, I created a sitemap to encourage Google to rank specific pages and miss out less relevant ones.

Structured Data

Using Google Tag Manager, I dynamically added rich snippets (additional data for google search)to each webpage. The rich snippets included site links and Jobs.

The Results

  1. Full page coverage the brand searches including sitelinks and the latest jobs Url
  2. Number 1 Position for ‘administrator jobs bishop’s stortford’
  3. Ranked for four hundred and eight keywords
  4. Thirty-six keywords in the top 20
  5. Seven keywords in the top 3

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