The Dove Partnership Social Media Campaign

The project

The Dove Partnership is a recruitment agency based in Bishop’s Stortford. Their social media was relatively bland and lacked engagement.


  1. Show customers online that The Dove Partnership is open for business
  2. Create content which looks attractive as well as professional for their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter platforms
  3. Develop a schedule for social media posts
  4. Increase engagement


I set up a policy of responding to a message from any customer within 24 hours. In line with the Dove Partnership brand, it was important for customers to know that there is someone available to help whenever they asked.
I made banners and videos for each platform. I concentrated the posts targeted business to custom audiences on Facebook and Twitter. I focused the posts for Business to Business to LinkedIn. 
I accompanied posts for candidates with copy tailored for people in different stages of their careers, i.e. graduates, people in search of promotions, people in search of a career change. Posts targeted to clients were accompanied with copy designed to convey professionalism and competence. 
Using Hootsuite, I scheduled three posts a day, one week in advance. To prevent posts becoming repetitive, I created five days worth of new content fortnightly. To optimise engagement, I experimented with the times of day that I posted to maximise engagement. 
I invited people to tell stories their jobs, for example, ‘Tell me about your worst day at work’. I also held seasonal competitions.

The Results

  1. Satisfied customers
  2. Dynamic regularly updated schedule
  3. Increased engagement on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

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